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From The Beginning … GEFS Truck Repair Service

Tim Delcid founded Golden Empire Fleet Service in 1983, specializing in Heavy Duty Truck Repair & Trailer Repair, with high hopes for the future of the company. He accomplished this goal not through hopes and wishes, but through hard work and dedication. Tim found himself at a turning point in his life. Having gotten laid off from his job with Getty Oil, he knew he had to do something. Tim still had a family at home depending on him, so refusing to just give up, he made a plan. He had experience with truck repair, so with the love and support of his wife Linda, Tim borrowed his dad’s 1972 Chevy pickup, loaded his tools in the back, and went knocking on doors. It was a struggle in the beginning, so much so that Linda used her baking expertise to make and sell cakes for all different occasions just to help pay the bills.

Slowly but surely, Tim grew the company into what it is today. Providing truck repair and maintenance services for industries like transportation companies, construction companies, fuel companies, oilfield companies, courier companies, school districts, and companies operating heavy duty diesel trucks and service trucks. Tim didn’t just stop there. To set himself apart from the rest he also offered roadside services, scheduled maintenance, BIT inspections, DOT inspections, on-site truck repair, and more. Finding quality truck repair and maintenance services is a simple process when you know where to look.


Commercial Truck Repair

At Golden Empire Fleet Service, we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service, installing premium NAPA parts, and completing your truck repairs in a timely manner at competitive prices to get you back on the road. We work hard to keep your fleet vehicles maintained on a customized preventive maintenance schedule based on time and mileage. We deliver a visual comprehensive bumper-to-bumper inspection on each vehicle every time we service it. We strive to keep your cost per mile down and give you peace of mind, knowing that your fleet is receiving the attention it deserves. We know that keeping your fleet on the road is an economic necessity for your business, that’s why we are serious about caring for your fleet.

Family Owned and Operated to This Day   

When you choose Golden Empire Fleet Service, you are supporting a dynamic and responsive small family run business that was built from the ground up over 30 years ago. Today, our founders are still very much involved with every aspect of the day-to-day operations. Golden Empire Fleet Service has 20 employees and 9 roadside service vans. Family has always played a huge role in the business’s success. Most days you will find Owner Tim Delcid, his wife Linda Delcid, his sons Timothy and Josh Delcid working side by side. Today, along with his two sons, they have expanded to provide more services and products. Timothy and Josh are on their way to grow the company even more. Although they represent the NAPA chain, their ideals reflect a small-town family feel where a firm handshake still means something, and the customer is king. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers can find us, talk to us, and deal with us face to face. We believe building relationships with customers is the key to our success. That personal touch makes all the difference in your experience and ours!