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Golden Empire Fleet Management is the place to go for truck electrical repair. Vehicles today have an extremely complex electrical system. Part of your fleets preventative maintenance has to include regular battery and systems check to catch any problems. Keeping your truck electrical systems up to date and functioning properly not only ensures the safety of your employees but also helps to prevent extensive electrical malfunctions.

Call or come in today for Truck Electrical System Maintenance and Repair. Ask about our customized Fleet Maintenance Plans and let us care for your fleet like one of our own.

Commercial Truck Electrical

Truck Electrical Systems

Heavy Duty Truck Batteries

A diesel engine requires a lot of power to function properly, which means you need a powerful battery. The battery of your vehicle not only provides electrical storage, but it also works to deliver a constant electrical flow through the electrical system. A properly changed battery is essential to your vehicle functioning at its peak level. Just like with any other parts that are used constantly, it will wear out with age. When you have a fleet maintenance plan, we will track your battery’s age and function for you.

Truck Starter

The starter is a motor that when supplied with a jolt of electricity from your battery will engage the flywheel ring gear and crank the engine. A faulty starter prevents the engine from starting, if the truck doesn’t start that means the job doesn’t get done. Which takes away from your company’s bottom line. It’s important to watch out for early signs of a faulty starter. If your truck starts become slow to start or turn-over time increases, it’s time to have it checked. Golden Empire Fleet Service can make sure your starter is in proper working order and replace it when needed so your business never misses a beat.

Truck Alternator

The alternator takes the mechanical motion of the engine and converts the kinetic energy into electricity. It then transfers the electricity back into the battery, allowing your truck to operate. When your trucks alternator stops working, so does your truck. Keeping your alternator in good working order is a crucial part of fleet maintenance, GEFS has you covered.

Truck Computer Diagnostics

Golden Empire Fleet Service has state-of-the-art computer diagnostic tools and ASE-Certified mechanics. Our highly skilled technicians stay up to date on the industry’s most current technology available through continued training. Aided with the help of our computer led diagnostic tools, we can thoroughly inspect a wide range of mechanical components. The primary electrical systems are the starter motor, battery, and alternator. These three parts start the engine, keep it running, and powers all the other electrical components such as the radio, lighting, locks, window controls, windshield wipers, AC, and more. With the use of modern technology, we assure you that nothing will be overlooked.

Truck Engine Controls

Your truck’s electrical engine control system is a very technical and highly complex computerized system that regulates engine performance, throttle control, and emission limits. This system keeps your truck running smoothly and within the states regulations. The engine control system consists of a labyrinth of wiring, sensors, and control boards that all work together. Our technicians are experts you can trust to keep everything working together seamlessly.

Truck Lighting Maintenance

Heavy-Duty trucks have a lot of lighting, it is imperative your vehicle’s lighting system is always working properly. Headlights, taillights, brake lights, daytime running lights, and so much more rely on your truck electrical system to function. Without these systems, it is impossible for your fleet to operate safely and within the law. Your truck’s electrical wiring is very complex and it can be a daunting task to troubleshoot and locate a problem, but GEFS has the tools and expertise to take on any electrical problem.

Truck Electrical and a LOT More

Golden Empire Fleet Services has been providing Truck Electrical Repair and Diagnostic Services for over three decades. Our services also include diagnosis and repair for ignition, engines, and transmissions, and much more. We have a fleet of trained mechanics to ensure that your fleet well cared for. We can take care of your truck fleet from electrical to transmissions and everything in between.

Our fleet management services can save you time and money over the long run. We have found that most customers save money by performing preventative maintenance on a schedule based on mileage and usage of each truck in your fleet. Golden Empire Fleet Service can help manage all of your vehicles. Heavy duty truck maintenance is one less thing you’ll have to worry about so you can keep doing what you do.

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