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Golden Empire Fleet Service offers complete brake maintenance and repair services for your fleet vehicles. We know how important your fleet is to the success of your company, and that brake failure can be a dangerous liability to a business. Brake inspections are standard when you come to us for your fleet management needs. We know how much work it is to manage a business, so come to the professionals for your fleet services and let us keep track of your maintenance needs.

Most people overlook their brakes until their vehicle shows obvious signs of brake problems. Brakes are one of the most important safety mechanisms your truck has. Letting problems with your brake system go is a recipe for disaster. Truck brake repair can be costly if not maintained in a timely manner, and it is also extremely dangerous.

Our ASE certified technicians can handle all of your brake repair needs. Whether you have drum brakes, brake pads, hydraulic brakes, or air brakes, you’ve come to the right place.

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Truck Brake Repair Tips & Suggestions

If your trucks have a hydraulic brake booster, there are a few signs you can look out for determining if they are failing. It is very important to always pay attention to prevent a potential safety issue. The first thing to look out for is reduced braking power. If there is an issue with the booster, or the pressure system becomes compromised, you will clearly feel a reduction of braking. Other issues can cause similar symptoms, so it is important to have a diagnostic check right away. The second thing to watch out for is a hard brake pedal. If the brake booster fails, it can cause the power assistance for the brakes to be disabled, if that happens the brake pedal will be hard to press. Thirdly watch out for leaking fluids, if any of the hoses or seal wear out or rupture, they may leak fluid. Any leaks in the hydraulic brake system will need to be addressed right away. Early detection could save you from a dangerous situation as well as protect against a costly truck brake repair.

If your trucks have air brakes, the process to check for issues is a little different. Air brakes use compressed air in order to stop the vehicle. Air brakes are actually three different braking systems, the service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake. Just remember the acronym LAB (Leaks, Alarms, Buttons) when testing the brakes. Call us today for detailed instructions on how to perform the air brake test.

Truck Brake Repair Is Critical

 always be aware of these 8 warning signs:

Squealing, squeaking, or Grinding Noises

Bouncing Up and Down When You Stop Short

Burning Smell While Driving

Brake Light Is On

Loss of Air Pressure

Wobbling, Vibration, or Scraping When Braking

Truck Pulling to One Side When Braking

Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal

Leaking Fluid

If you experience any of these warning signs it is important to have your vehicle checked immediately. Proper maintenance and early detection are key to preventing a costly truck brake repair.

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When you come to us for your fleet maintenance needs, we will keep track of upcoming maintenance for you. We can help make sure that your truck brake repairs are quick and efficient. Trust in us to not only keep your fleet on the road but also to keep your employees’ safe. Studies have proven that keeping your vehicles properly maintained will increase the life of the vehicle as well as reduce the cost of emergency repairs.