Truck Air Conditioning Is Beyond Important

GEFS Keeps Your Truck Air Conditioning Cold

Truck Air Conditioning Is A Priority

We all know how brutal the heat in Bakersfield can get, and sometimes simply having the windows open just doesn’t cut it. The heat outside can be too much to bare especially with the added heat from the hot asphalt and what the truck itself generates while running down the road. People don’t often associate heat illness with truck drivers, however heat illness is real and serious no matter what industry you are in. Air conditioning can be a major priority and Golden Empire Fleet Service will treat you and your truck like a priority. Trust in Golden Empire Fleet Service to maintain or repair your truck air conditioning. Our highly trained technicians will get that cold air flowing in no time. Let us take care of your fleet so you can focus on the things that really matter. 

Truck Air Conditioning

Truck Air Conditioning

Signs that it is time to have your truck air conditioning checked:


Blowing Hot Air

This one is rather obvious, if you turn the AC on and it blows hot air then there is a problem. It could be one of three things, either the compressor, refrigerant could be low, or something wrong with the electrical.


Odd Sounds

If you hear strange sounds when you turn your AC on then the compressor could be going out. Once the compressor begins to fail you might hear a grinding sound or whining sound. These sounds come from the compressor’s internal components failing. To test this simply turn the AC off and see if the sounds stop, then turn it back on. If the sound continues once it’s turned back on you’ve got an AC problem. 


Fluid Leaks

Your trucks air-conditioning compressor has internal bearings that prevent refrigerant from leaking out. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to help cool it down. Over time the bearings will wear down due to the constant pressure. Worn or damaged bearings could leak refrigerant. 


Stuck Clutch

An AC compressor has a clutch, much like a manual transmission. The clutch connects to the engine for power. The compressor uses power only when it needs it, but if the AC compressor clutch or its pulley gets stuck, it won’t get power.

Our Customers Keep Us In Business : We Value Every Customer We Have

Golden Empire Fleet Service in Bakersfield is always here and available for you. We make your fleet and truck issues our priority. Our primary goal in every vehicle that we work on is customer satisfaction. We believe that if we provide a level of service that exceeds our customers expectations every single time we complete a job, then our customers will know that we take them seriously and will want to bring their trucks to us any time there are repair needs. We know that when our customers are 100% satisified, they will be back each and every time. Our customers matter, you matter. If you are experiencing any issues related to your truck air conditioning or any other repair concerns then please call us today at 661-324-2031 we are always happy to help.